I want to make the college process easier for you and your child. I will be a neutral voice and do my best to find the best fit for your student. You want your child to be happy with this life-changing decision.”

Sarah Langford was a high school teacher for fifteen years and is now College Counselor at The Academy.

Sarah attended the University of Missouri and holds a Master of Education from The University of Illinois (Chicago).

Sarah has a desire to expose Chicago students to schools that are the best match for them. Formerly a teacher at a selective Chicago public high school, she coordinated multi-day trips to visit schools all over the Midwest -- in Wisconsin, Illinois, Iowa, Missouri, Michigan, Indiana, Ohio, Minnesota as well as schools in Kentucky, Tennessee and Virginia.  Trips to large cities have included visits to prestigious schools in Boston, Washington D.C., Philadelphia and Los Angeles.

Having attended countless admissions meetings, Sarah is familiar know what particular schools are looking for in an applicant, the intricacies of each school’s financial aid options and the state of college admissions in general.  She has toured all of the campuses, listened to student guides talk about what brought them to the school, eaten with enrolled students in the dining halls, read the school newspapers, and seen the dorms.  She is encouraged to share her knowledge and guide students and their families through what should be an exciting process, not an overly complex one.

Sarah is an associate member of the Independent Educational Consultant Association, and a member of the National Association for College Admission Counseling, Illinois Association for College Admission Counseling and Higher Education Consultants Association.